Women’s World Cup

soccer ball on grass field during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



Today is the Woman’s World Cup! I do not follow women’s soccer as much as I would like but I use to play soccer, so it is something that I am interested in. Personally, I am rooting for either Japan or the United States. Granted, it is because I love Japanese culture and I am an American. That of course, makes me biased even if they are not the best teams playing. I know that the United States team is good this year! I don’t know if they are good every year, but I do know that they are good this year.

For me, Soccer is a sport that I do really enjoy playing. I wish that my knees weren’t so bad. I know that I will get back in shape soon and start playing again with friends. I have many friends who play frequently. That is one of my goals this year, is to get back in shape so I can do more things that I like to do like biking and hiking. I know I can go ahead and start doing those things now, but I know that right now my knees could not handle it for very long. I will work up towards it. When I begin my weight-loss journey I will keep you guys up to date!

Be Strong and Courageous

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