I was reading the book my mentor recommended to me today and the first paragraph really challenged me in the way I look at hardships in life. I was challenged to look at myself as either a fool or a wise person. To be honest, I have thought and acted like both a fool and a wise person in different circumstances. It seems as though, for me, I do well at the “bigger” troubles of life than I do the smaller everyday ones.

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For example, I did well when my grandmother passed away but if I don’t have enough money to go out to eat I get all upset and bent out of shape. Granted my grandmother passing was extremely tough on me but I knew that it would be, so I surrounded myself with people who I knew would help me work through what was happening and how I felt during the first few years following her passing. Small side note here; Having good mentorship and a good community really helps when you are going through something hard in life.

The particular topic of the chapter was to make lemonade out of lemons. He is referring here to the tough things life throws at us, aka “lemons”. Making lemonade out of lemons is making the best out of the situation. He was contrasting what the reaction a fool would make verses a wise person. A fool, when life gets tough, runs and blames everything else for what is happening to him. A wise person takes responsibility and uses the tough things in life to propel them forward. That is how great men and women are made. It is through the tough times.

That reminds me of how a pearl or diamond is made. It takes pressure to create both. One is pressured by the claim to get rid of an irritant. The other is pressure upon a piece of coal. Both are beautiful and are very hard materials. So many people go after them both the diamond and the pearl and are willing to do just about anything to get there hands on something so valuable. That is what happens when a person goes through tough times and comes out better for it. They become Diamonds, they become someone people want to have and be around. It is attractive.

So, in closing just remember when life gets tough. Make lemonade and become a diamond.

Be Strong and Courageous

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