Birthday Party Collab

Hey Guys,

My husband and I went to Devil’s Den State Park this past September. I have quite a few pics from the trip and am FINALLY getting around to editing the photos and I believe that I even have some videos. Unfortunately, I am unable to post those videos to my blog but I will find a way to post them somewhere. 

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I am also thinking about posting about just some other things that have been on my mind. The main thing that I am going to talk about today is my combined birthday party with my friend this weekend. It was fantastic! We had it at Dave and Busters. I have only been there, counting this time, three times? I believe. It’s a bit on the expensive side. But, it was really amazing. We mostly just played games. We also had some cupcakes that another friend made for us. Between my husband and I, we were able to get some really cool new over the ear headphones. I really like them. I guess it goes back to my hardcore PC gaming days. They just hold sound better in my opinion. I also got some really cool merch from a local anime shop around the corner from my apartment! They are The Geek Realms. Some really fantastic people! If you’re ever in Fayetteville, Ar you should check them out! I got some other cool stuff but that’s not what I was excited about. For the most part, it was just fun hanging out with friends! Me being an extrovert, I could have just hung out with them and not go anything and been completely content! Don’t get me wrong, I love getting stuff but I also realize that not everyone can afford to get gifts! So, to be honest, I never really expect to get stuff on my birthday all the time. My family didn’t always have the funds but we could always have some great experiences! 

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I think that is the crucial thing. Just be happy being with people and the rest usually takes care of itself! I’ve got some AMAZING friends and even the ones who I don’t talk to often, I love to hang with them and just chill! People are essential, things, aren’t.

As Always, Be Strong and Courageous

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