A Series of Reviews:Book 1 – The Shack

Hey guys,

So, I thought that my first post in this series was going to be about the biography on C. S. Lewis! Well it’s not, it’s actually about another book that I read before the biography. The book is called The Shack. Yes, I know that it is a “Christian” book and that some might want to stop reading now but please give me a chance to put my own reflections and thoughts about this book. I think it’s a really great book about the power of forgiveness and love. I know that this is actually the 2nd and 3rd time reading this amazing book. I think for those of you who may not have any kind of faith would also love this book as well! It’s a great story and has a wonderful message. The book is not meant to be a “theological” book. It’s meant to tell a story of a person who had a hard life, felt a great loss, and how they learned how to forgive and release the pain and hurt that had accumulated over the course of their life.

The story is of Mackenzie Allen Phillips aka Mack by his friends. Four years before the beginning of the book Mack lost his youngest daughter to a serial killer during a camping trip. This was devastating to him and his family and brought on what would be called “The Great Sadness”. This event in his life caused him to go further in his views on God and if God even existed. The book also takes time to show how Mack grew up. His childhood was plagued by an alcoholic father and members of his church betraying his trust. He left home at a very young age and traveled the world. After some time passed he met and married his wife Nanette but everyone calls her Nan. This story takes place in the shack that his daughter was murdered in and where he met the Trinity. Papa, Nan’s name for God, also called Elousia, Jesus, and Sarayu the Holy Spirit. In this book, Papa reveals himself as a large black woman to help Mack get past his preconceived ideas of who God is supposed to be. Throughout the weekend the Trinity shows Mack some of his unforgiveness and his judgement of God for everything bad that has happened in all of the world. 

I will leave the rest for you to read if you choose! The book has changed many people’s lives and has helped others learn how to move past traumatic events in their lives. I am such a person. During the time I lost my grandmother, who was my best friend and the person who raised me due to alcoholism in my own family. So, as you can see I relate to Mack on some level. I know that some may get upset about my not telling everything about the book but if you are interested you can look up the book or purchase/ borrow the book. Understand that if you do, your heart will be ripped out and put back in better. It’s like surgery for the soul. I know that some people do not like the book for various reasons but I ask that you would look at the book from a different perspective. The perspective of a person learning to work through their pain and learn how to trust God even in the evil of this world. I think especially now this is a great book for people who have been hurt by the pain of this world.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

As always, Be Strong and Courageous

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