Weightloss update

Hey guys,

Update on my weight-loss journey. So far not much to report unfortunately! I went for a bike ride the other day and my bike broke.. Don’t worry it wasn’t due to my weight! My bike was not put together well (thanks Dad XD). We are going to tighten some bolts and make sure that the next time I take it out I won’t almost fall into a river! I have been taking things pretty slow due to my knees and my lower back pain. I need to do more biking because it felt really good on my knees and I felt the muscles around them starting to become stronger. If any of you guys bike a lot and know about if there are any benefits to knee problems let me know! I know that biking is low impact but I didn’t read anything about it actually helping your knees. 

My plan this summer is to get to where I can bike most of the greenway in NWA. I hope to one day in the next couple of years start competing in some sort of biking event. I still have a long way to go but I am excited to see where it takes me! I hope that by the end of this summer I will have lost around 10 to 15lbs. I also hope to be in much better shape and that my thyroid issues will have become more under control. I need to ask my doctor some other questions about my issues due to my sister being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and directly affecting the thyroid. I believe I might have it too but I want to be sure before I do any kind of reveal to friends and family. 

Right now I have gone Gluten free due to finding out that I am sensitive. I don’t have a celiac disease, I am just sensitive. It has helped me to feel better even when I was gaining some weight. I think that this is all for this week! I hope to see you all next week!

As Always, Be Strong and Courageous

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