Hey guys,

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I’ve been working on bettering myself mentally and physically for the last couple of weeks. I haven’t seen a lot of progress physically but mentally I have been rockin it! I have been listening to a ton of podcasts and just reading a ton of books. I am trying to better myself in more ways than just physically.

The first step I took in becoming a better version of myself was first learning to love myself and learning to having some confidence. That has been the biggest area I have had to overcome in my life. Self sabotaging is an area that hasn’t been the easiest to overcome. Feeling like i’m not good enough to be where I am is the main contributor to this problem. I know that the more good I put into my brain, the better this area will become. Also, more good things that come into my brain means better things to write to you guys about. That is a huge benefit for you all!

I know that right now I have been super inconsistent with you guys and keeping up with this blog. I truly am working hard to fix that part of me. I love to write and share my thoughts. I have just allowed fear to hold me back. I will be uploading more photos of myself and what I do here where I live. NWA is a beautiful place with tons of things to do. I am going to start showing you guys what I mean! It’s not going to be the easiest with the craziness going on right now but, I live near a great walking trail and I will show you guys some amazing pictures of where I live!

As Always, Be Strong and Courageous

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