Hey Guys!

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It’s here!! Christmas has arrived and I’m sure you all are going to be celebrating this holiday with lots of food, fun, and fellowship! I am personally staying in the NWA area and spending time with some friends and my husbands family! I know that sometimes the holidays can be stressful for many of you who might have some EGR (extra grace required) type of people. I know I do! Let’s make it a point to have a good Christmas whether or not we have easy people to (spend time) with or EGR people to spend time with. 

nativity scene table decor
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The point of this time is to remember who the season it truly about and to appreciate our loved ones. Christmas is a great time to show someone you appreciate them and what they do or have done for you in the past. Most of the year we have the tendency to take our loved ones for granted and make them feel as though they don’t mean as much to us as the actually do. Whether you give a gift, give a hug, or give monetarily, make sure you give something. This time can both be a happy time for people and a sad time for people. Remember that you can’t always see what people are going through. 

Here are some cute Christmas pics to help put a smile on your face!

I know that many of you are going to have a fantastic Christmas! Make sure you eat lots of ham and other Christmas foods!!!!


Be Strong and Courageous

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