National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Hey Guys!

marshmallow covered with chocolate
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So I just came across an amazing holiday!! National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!!! Wow, I can’t believe that this is an actual thing! So, fun fact about me. I use to work for a chocolate factory that is local to Northwest Arkansas (NWA). The place is called KYYA Chocolate. Their story is a truly amazing story of how one trip to a place can change the outlook on a family. They have a website that explains their story better and if you are in the NWA area you should swing by one of their three locations. They use smaller batches of chocolate to keep the true flavor of the chocolate. No additives nor do they use a third party vendor between them and the farmers. They work directly with the chocolate farmers.

man hand fruit cocoa
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According to National Today the best way to celebrate National Chocolate Covered Anything Day is:

  • Support a Local Chocolatier
  • Have a dipping Party
  • Have a photo shoot

I know that the local chocolatiers will be thanking you for giving them business and your tummy will be thrilled with the wonderful chocolate. I also know that if you are in the NWA area on National Chocolate Covered Anything Day you should swing by KYYA and get some delicious chocolate. 

Here is the link to KYYA chocolate’s website:

Be Strong and Courageous


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