National Mutt Day

Hey Guys!

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So I was going through some different holidays that happen in December other than the typical ones that we all know and love. I found one that I think all will love. It’s National Mutt Day! That’s right, there is a holiday dedicated to mutts. If you don’t know what a mutt is then let me educate you! A mutt is just a dog that has several breeds mixed in or the breeds are unknown. One of my best friends has a mutt. We aren’t quite sure what it’s mixed with. I personally think it’s a mix of a pit bull, lab, and a whippet. Anyways, according to National Today, the way you are to celebrate National Mutt Day is the following:

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  1. Volunteer at your local shelter
  2. Offer to dog-sit for a friend
  3. Adopt a mutt

I personally love the idea of national mutt day. So many people don’t like adopting non-purebred dogs and I find that those are typically the sweetest dogs you can get. I think more people need to consider adopting from shelters.

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I know that this is a shorter post but I hope that you all enjoyed learning about a new holiday! 


Be Strong and Courageous


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