Black Friday Preparation

Hey Guys!

untitledSo Black Friday is this week! I don’t know about you but I try to avoid it as much as possible. I know that there are those brave souls out there that will go through the hunger games like trials. So, in honor of that day I will give you some memes and tips to help make your black friday one in which you don’t have to go to the ER later!


  1. Wear some head protection! Some shoppers get carried away by this event and swing their arms, bags, and items around wildly. So make sure you have something to protect your head. I would recommend something like this 58d2a7fbdc164e9dd9e668febut, I understand that most of you don’t have one of those just lying around. So, if you don’t have a helmet like so, then I would wear something like thisfootballbf. It’s not great but it’ll get the job done.
  2. Wear shin guards or something that will protect those shins. People like to kick others who are in their way. Or it happens when someone is running and they just aren’t paying attention. shin guardbffluffy pants bfIf you don’t have any, wear some thick pants.
  3. Bring several people so you can divide and conquer!
    1. ONE MAJOR EXCEPTION- Do not under any circumstances, use your baby as a placeholder in line!! This is child abuse and someone will not honor that placeholder. They will go past the cute little one. Cuteness does not work on Black Friday. People will become immune!babybf
  4. Have a list of what you want before you get there! That way you don’t end up wandering around aimlessly and get trampled by the herd.
  5. Bring snacks and drinks! Waiting in line and running over people can be tiring so, make sure you are hydrated and have a full belly.candybf
    1. Unless you want to use the full force of your hangry state to help you have an edge! Then use it to its full potential.


Well, those are just some pointers that have helped either me in the past or friends of mine!

Hope you have a great Friday bf-hungergames

Happy Hunger Games! (Opps, I mean Happy Black Friday!)


Be Strong and Courageous

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