Another Book Recommendation!!

Hey Guys,

I have a really great book recommendation for you guys! It has helped me out tremendously with my self-confidence. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow in their confidence. Whether in regards to work, relationships, or just to help you feel better being in your own skin.

What to say bookThe book talks about neuroplasticity. The word is a combination of neuron and plasticity, a neuron is what your brain is made out of and plasticity means being flexible and mailable. So, in short, your brain can change and become what you want it to be. You can retrain your brain to think different thoughts. At one point in time that was thought impossible. The saying, “You can’t train an old dog new tricks”, comes to mind. That statement is wrong according to neuroplasticity. This is one book of many that help gives a person the practical tools to begin that journey of changing how they think and become a better person.

The book is fairly short with several short chapters, 24 to be exact. I know, I know, that sounds like a lot but the book only has around 200 pages. So, to me, that’s not a very long book. I made sure to take a slower approach and it took me two or three weeks to get through the book. I wanted to make sure I took in what I needed to take in.

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According to the book we all have self-talk. Be it negative or positive, we all have self-talk. Most people if you are like me, have more negative than positive. Or, I use to have more negative than positive. There are five levels of self-talk:

  1.  Negative Acceptance – The “I Can’t” statements. The statements that keep you down and make you not want to go above and beyond the status quo.
  2. Recognition and Need to Change – The “I Need To” statements. You begin to see that there is a problem. The one I hear most is, “I need to go on a diet.”
  3. Decision to Change – The “I’m no longer going to do ….”. You are now taking steps to change.
  4. The Better You – The “I am” statements. This is where you begin rewriting your self-image. You are telling your subconscious who you are.
  5. Universal Affirmation – The “It is” statements. You become what you say you are.

There are also different Categories of Self-Talk that we use.

  1. Habit-Changing
  2. Attitude-Building
  3. Motivational
  4. Situational

I’m not going to go into too much more detail. I wanted to give you a taste of some of what is in the book. It breaks down what you are already doing and helps you rewire your brain and gives you practical steps to take to do these things.


If you, like me, have dealt with bad self-talk. This book is for you!

As Always,

Be Strong and Courageous

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