Veterans Day

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So Today is Veterans Day! Having several members of my family that have served this fine country, I thought I would do a blog explaining the history of Veterans Day. Now, first things first, this holiday is different than memorial day! Memorial Day is to honor those vets who have fallen in battle. Veterans Day is to honor those who have served in our military, mostly those who are still living. Memorial Day is in May and Veterans Day is in November.

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Alright, now that we have those straightened out here is the history of Veterans Day in a nutshell.

Veterans day was once known as Armistice Day. It was originally a holiday to honor the veterans coming home after WWI. In 1954, after WWII and the Korean War Congress changed the name to Veteran’s Day to honor all vets. If Veterans Day falls on a non-workday, the day is observed by the Feds on Monday or Friday. On Aug. 4, 2001, the Senate passed a resolution to designated the week of Nov. 11 – Nov. 17, as National Veterans Awareness Week.

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Alright Guys, I hope that you learned something today about your vets and this really great holiday. I’ll have my references down below!

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Be Strong and Courageous



US Dept of Defense

US Dept of VA

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