Being Healthy During Halloween!

Hey Guys!

Jack-o-lanternWith Halloween quickly approaching and many of you are ready to indulge in that Halloween candy. I know that this time of year is especially hard for those of you who have small children and are wanting to take them out trick or treating! I don’t have children yet, but I have worked in the childcare industry and have learned a thing or two about how those little eyes can wreak havoc on your resolve! I know that most people nowadays are trying to watch what they eat and stay healthy and Halloween is the number one killer of most of my diets! Here are some tips that I have used in the past to help keep my weight loss goals!

  • Eat before you go out either with your kids or trick or treating!
    • It is a widely known fact that you should eat before you go grocery shopping to help you not make bad choices due to your hungry belly! The same principle applies here!
  • If you are going out trick or treating with your kids, make sure you are walking around a big neighborhood so you can get more steps in… JK Just try and make sure you get some extra exercise in that day!
  • If you are already counting your calories, document what candies you eat and how much. I know for me when I can see how much I am eating in calories I tend to eat less.

I think that’s all the advice I can remember that I do to help me with my diet during the Halloween season. I know that there are more ideas out there and some of the things I do I got from several websites and just a few common sense things that most people know to do.

trickortreatBe Strong and Courageous

Here are some references that I have used in the past to help give me ideas on how to help keep my weightloss goals during this time!



5 Healthy Halloween Eating Tips

7 Ways to Be Safe and Healthy this Halloween

Tips to Avoid Tempting Halloween Sweets- BH&G

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