Hump Day thoughts

So, I am so sore from all that cleaning I did yesterday! I guess I worked harder on my day off than I would have at work. I guess it is more physical work than mental work. I have always preferred physical work, but I have busted up my knees and back too much to be able to do a lot of physical work. I hope to one day start doing pottery or something similar. Maybe leather work or something along those lines of art. I haven’t fully decided yet. If any of you has an opinion about either of those crafts let me know in the comments!

I have never really thought of myself and an artist since my painting skills are less than desirable. I am good at sketching. I have always appreciated art. So, I guess I am an artist to some. I would like to do some other things to see what I might be good at. I am aware that there are some pottery classes here in the area, but I don’t have the money to pay for those classes yet. So, until then I am kind of stuck just admiring from a distance.

Have a great Hump Day everyone!

Be Strong and Courageous

adult art artisan clay
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