Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. I got sick for a few days and it threw me off. I am getting back on the horse and riding though. I haven’t really been able to think of some good content for you guys but it’ll come. I know it will. I have been thinking a lot about random things and realizing that I need to get better about keeping up with people.

I know life gets in the way of a lot of people but, if we really care why do we let busyness (if that’s not a word please let me know) get in the way. When we care about someone we make time for them. We make them a priority to us. We usually go out of our way to spend time with them. Now granted, some people are easier than others to spend time with. I get that but, there are others who you know you need to spend time with to keep you mentally stable and healthy. Why is it those people get looked over? Why do we neglect relationships that heal us and make us whole. If you are a Christian, why don’t you spend time with your creator? Why do you neglect the very being who died for you to have to ability to talk directly to Him? Why do we as humans neglect the very things we need to survive?

I don’t know what you’re reason is but it’s it worth it? Is it worth that relationship with your family? Friend? Spouse?

Be Strong and Courageous

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