So, I totally forgot to post something for the anniversary of D-Day yesterday. I apologize to all of the veterans for doing so. So, I shall post something today in commemoration of that fateful day 74 years ago. That day marked the beginning of the end of the war that took the whole world by storm. Those were dark times indeed. I am not a history buff but I do consider myself someone who does appreciate history and the impact that it has on our daily lives.

american back view burial cemetery
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I know that there were evil things done during those times. The attempted genocide of a race of people. Many people were forced to choose between family members and friends. During those times people had a hard time choosing which side to support. In time, it became easier when they realized what the Nazi regime was doing. I know that for some the wounds are still there. I know that for some though they have forgotten some of the events leading up to the rise of power for the Nazi party. Some forgot the mindset of the German people and the world at large. I do not profess to know everything either due to the fact that WWII history was not my interest. I was more interested in Roman history. Anyway, from my understanding and small research into the time period most everyone was still recovering from WWI and didn’t want to go through another war. They wanted to leave Germany alone and tried to ignore most of what they were doing. Everyone was just trying to focus on their own problems. Granted this is a very generalization into what was going on but still.

In looking at where our world is today one might say that it would be possible for another world war to take place soon. I am not saying that there is going to be one for certain I am just saying that there are some mindsets out there that share some similarities with where the world was over 70 years ago.

In closing, we need to make sure we know our history and make sure not to repeat it.

Be Strong and Courageous


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