There are those who choose to lay down their lives for freedom. Memorial day, is a day that we choose to celebrate those who have chosen to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Many of us go throughout our days ,go throughout our weeks and don’t give a second thought to those who have given everything for us to have the ability to have the rights that we do in this country.

Part of me is sad that we only dedicate one day out of the year to honor those who have lost so much. And to the families who’ve also sacrificed, memorial day is not just a day to them it is a day that goes on everyday. I believe that we should try and remember the soldiers who’ve lost their lives for us every day. many of their families are still struggling with the loss of their loved ones. And they still need our support, are protection, and our love. What is not just let memorial day go by like another day. Let us make sure that we choose to remember those who have sacrificed everything for us to be able to go by our daily lives not have to worry about tyranny every moment of every day like so many others in the world have to face.

Let us not forget the sacrifices of so many of our brothers and sisters.

Be Strong and Courageous

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