Get Out of Yourself

The days that truly test you are the days you tend to learn the most about yourself. I have had a tough time trying to stay positive about our finances. With my husband without a job life has been tough. I know that I need to make the best out of the situation. I am trying to. Thank goodness for the book my mentor recommended me. It truly has been a saving grace in my life. I am trying to make sure that I am taking it’s lessons and applying them. Like yesterday for example, I was really feeling sorry for myself. I was trying to blame everyone and everything else for my problems. I realized that this was not a good mindset to be in. So, I prayed, not saying you have to do this but it is what I did.

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After I prayed, or better described as yelled at God, I started to get some stuff done around the apartment. I then realized I hadn’t read or ate anything. So, I heated up a sandwich and started cleaning again. Then I sat down and read some. The first thing the book did was tell me how to cure melancholy. Melancholy is an attitude of being sad and feeling sorry for yourself. He basically said in order to cure that mindset you need to think about how to help others. You need to think outside of yourself. That is what I should have been doing this whole time.

When you think about others you stop worrying about yourself.

Be Strong and Courageous

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