There are those days that make you feel like you are doing pretty well for yourself and there are other days that challenge you and help you grow. Yesterday was one of those days. In the beginning of the day and towards the end of my work day and into my mentorship meeting I felt like I was doing pretty well. I listened to the podcasts that my mentor told me to. I read what I was supposed to read and I thought I had a pretty good attitude. Then during the training session one of the speakers made mention of self-talk. How we need to have good self-talk in order to succeed. It dawned on me that, even though I am working on that very subject, I still need to get better.

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In the past my self-talk has been down right horrible. There is a lot that comes from my family history and my perfectionistic habits. I tend to be really hard on myself and I know that I need to continue to improve in that area because during the training session he said that you become your self-talk. Words have power and they can make or break a person. Most people I have had the privilege to be part of their lives have had some pretty bad self-talk. Most of us realized our self-talk was bad and we have been making steps to improve that. One of the things my mentor tells me to do is have a list of affirmative statements about who I want to be like for example one of my affirmative statements is: I am a great leader, another is I am a wonderful wife. I have many more but those are a couple that I try to make sure I say at least five times a day. There are some days where I only say them two or three times a day but I try to make sure I say them.

I have found that my confidence level has improved tremendously! I feel better about myself and I am ok with making mistakes. Use to, I would just beat myself down and tell myself that I know better and that I should be ashamed of myself. That right there is really bad self-talk. There are going to be days that don’t go the way you want them to and you will mess up sometimes. We are human and need to remember that those things will happen and to have some grace with ourselves. I remember a saying a pastor of mine use to say, “God made you and he don’t make junk.” That saying came at a time where I really did feel like junk. My self-talk reflected that mindset. We need to realize that even though we may feel like junk, we are not.

Anyway, that’s it for me for now. Remember you are too valuable to talk so badly to yourself. You wouldn’t talk to someone who’s really close to you like that. So, don’t talk to yourself like that.

Be Strong and Courageous


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