A Day in the Books

person standing on top of rock
Photo by Suliman Sallehi on Pexels.com

There are those days that seem to just catch you off guard as soon as you get out of bed. Yesterday was one such day. Woke up and realized I forgot to set an alarm earlier than usual so I could meet up with my mentor. I then apologized and went on getting ready for work. I am so thankful that my mentor is so understanding and willing to work with me.

That is what true mentorship is all about. Making sure that you are challenged but understanding that things will happen and being willing to work with the person you are mentoring. I have found that most people get mentorship confused with just being a person that just gives advice. Webster defines mentorship as, “the influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor” I believe that is really basic for what a mentor truly is. They are a guide, they live life with you and help you maneuver the mine fields of life. It is good to have several mentors in your life for different topics. I have a mentor for business/life, I have one for my faith, and I have one at work. I tell you that not to brag but to show you that having mentors in your life is very important. Now, back to my story.

After I had been at work for the day and I only had a few hours left until I could go home. Unfortunately, I was helping someone with a deposit, I work at a financial facility, and one of the bills they handed me was a fake. The process that it takes to report and process that bill is very involved and has many steps. When I had finished step one of this process I let the customer go. Unfortunately, there are many more steps to this process. Once I let the customer go there was a line of customers that needed help and we were short staffed so I had to put the bill and documents aside and help customers. That took me several hours to finally get to finish processing the bill.

Once I finally got home I started finishing updating my planner. I forgot to update it when I went to KC this past weekend. I did several other things around the house as well. I also decided to start a purge of my FB account. I have too many people on there that probably have forgotten about my existence anyway. I think it is always good to evaluate where you are in life and clean out the junk that you don’t need anymore, not that I am saying people are junk. I am just saying there are people you do not need in your life and need to do what is best for you as a healthy individual.

Be Strong and Courageous

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